A Place Of Healing

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Like his past pieces, he created it with the intention of eventually burning it. How an art museum near Marjory Stoneman Douglas became a hub of healing for a traumatized community. With the help of the community, Best and his team worked around the clock for two weeks to finish the temple on time for the first anniversary of the shooting.

Since then, many have visited to inscribe messages on the temple walls and pay tribute to the victims.

http://acripbolivar.org/media/mchenry/qavy-cht-gy.php To never be forgotten is to live forever. Love, MSD Class of ," a note reads.

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Matthew Aguilar, a graduating senior at Stoneman Douglas, walked through the temple one last time last week to write a note on a small piece of wood. He left it among the hundreds of handwritten notes, photos, teddy bears and flowers draping over the structure. It's what is important. And it's all that we need. Please share love," he wrote. The year-old was a junior when the shooting happened and some of the victims were his friends.

The families of shooting victims Nicholas Dworet , Gina Rose Montalto and Chris Hixon were among those expected to help light the temple on fire. Dworet, 17, was a senior at Stoneman Douglas and was known as a swimmer.

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Montalto, 14, was also a student and was on the winter guard team. Hixon, 49, was the school's athletic director. One by one, each group of participants approached the temple with a burning wooden pole and used it to set fire to the bottom of the temple.

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People capture the burn on their phones. Within minutes, the flames grew, casting heat into the audience. The light from the flames was reflected on the faces in the crowd. Some people cried, others stared in awe. Above the crowd, a sea of iPhones captured the spectacle. He gives careful, considerate counseling and has been an enormous blessing to me and my family.

I highly recommend Michael. I watched a great interview recently between Matt Fradd and Peter Kreeft. Read more.

A Place of Healing

One of my favorite assignments in graduate school was writing a paper on my cultural background and how this might affect my approach as a counselor. Why embrace suffering? Jesus was called a fool or at least looked like one Skip to main content.

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