Multiobjective regional energy planning: Application to the energy park concept

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The need for regional agencies to participate more strongly in large-scale energy facilities is demonstrated. Similar records in OSTI. GOV collections:. GOV Book: Multi-objective regional energy planning: application to the energy-park concept. Title: Multi-objective regional energy planning: application to the energy-park concept.

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Full Record Other Related Research. Abstract A model based on hierarchial system theory and input-output analysis is developed for planning an energy park in a specific region. Top Brands. Store Availability. Ship to home. Free pickup. Free pickup today. Flavor Fruit Punch Mango See more flavors.

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Product Spec Ultimate Energy Rush! University Studied: 7. A Potent. Anagnostopoulos and Papantonis [] combined an evaluation algorithm that simulates in detail the plant operation and an automated optimization software based on EA for optimum sizing of the various components of a reversible hydraulic system, i.

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Anarbaev et al. Conclusions This paper provides an overview of the latest research developments concerning to the use of optimization algorithms for design, planning and control problems in the field of renewable and sustainable energy.

The review of over two hundred papers from the major referenced journals in the fields of renewable energy and computational optimization offers interesting conclusions that can be useful for renewable energy researchers. The first conclusion of this review is that the number of research papers that use optimization methods to solve renewable energy problems has increased dramatically in recent years, especially for wind and solar energy systems.

Some of these optimization methods are based on traditional approaches, such as Mixed-integer and Interval Linear-programming, Lagrangian Relaxation, Quadratic Programming, and Nelder—Mead simplex search, while a growing number of research papers tackle these problems using heuristic optimization methods, especially Genetic Algorithms and Particle Swarm Optimization. On the other hand, some researchers have solved multi- objective problems related to renewable energy systems using Pareto-optimization techniques.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of heuristic approaches, Pareto-based multi-objective optimization and parallel processing are promising research areas in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. References [1] Vine E. Breaking down the silos: The integration of energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response and climate change. Energy Efficiency ; Wind-photovoltaic capacity coordination for a time-of-use rate industrial user.

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Energy ;32 6 A key review on exergetic analysis and assessment of renewable energy resources for a sustainable future. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ;12 3 Energy, economics and environmental impacts of renewable energy systems.

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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ;13 9 A review of energy models. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ;10 4 Handbook of applied optimization, Oxford University Press, Handbook of combinatorial optimization: Suplement volume B. Springer, Computers and intractability: A guide to the theory of NP- completeness. Freeman and Company. San Francisco, Handbook of metaheuristics. Parallel metaheuristics: A new class of algorithms.

Wiley and Sons, Handbook of meta-heuristics. Genetic search strategies in multi-criterion optimal design. Genetic algorithms in search, optimization and machine learning.

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The fundamental purpose of energy planning is to formu late policy. Multiobjective regional energy planning. Application to the energy park concept. Authors. Abstract. A model based on hierarchial system theory and input-output analysis is developed for planning an energy park in a specific region. The concept of.

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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ;11 7 Review on multi-criteria decision analysis aid in sustainable energy decision-making.

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Multi-objective planning of distributed energy resources: A review of the state-of-the-art. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews ; Strategies for optimal penetration of intermittent renewables in complex energy systems based on techno-operational objectives. Renewable Energy ;36 2 Optimal model of congestion management in deregulated environment of power sector with promotion of renewable energy sources.

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However, these two approaches are lack of flexibility and cannot adapt to the dynamic environment. Earth Sciences Library Branner. By Diogenes Linard Aquino Freitas. The hybrid multi-objective optimization SA algorithm , which displacement is based on the evolutionary strategy of GA: crossover and mutation, is implemented in inverse planning of external beam radiation therapy by using two kinds of objective functions, namely the average dose distribution based and the hybrid dose-volume constraints based objective functions. Multiobjective genetic algorithm optimization of the beam dynamics in linac drivers for free electron lasers. A2 B Unknown.

Long-term research and development needs for wind energy for the time frame Wind Energy ; The wind power of Mexico. Wind energy literature survey no. Wind Energy ; Heuristic and probabilistic wind power availability estimation procedures: Improved tools for technology and site selection. Renewable Energy ;32 4 Energy and environmental systems planning under uncertainty-An inexact fuzzy-stochastic programming approach.

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Applied Energy ;87 10 Optimization of electrical system for offshore wind farms via genetic algorithm. Global status report. Optimal design of horizontal-axis wind turbines using blade- element theory and evolutionary computation.

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International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering ; Investigating the impact of non-linear geometrical effects on wind turbine blades-Part 1: Current status of design and test methods and future challenges in design optimization.